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Sabhee Chakr Titanium Quartz Pendant
Titanium Rainbow Quartz is quartz coated with titanium providing an iridescent appearance and imbuing the stone with qualities of strength, vitality and life-force, enhancing for all chakras. Pendant features new leather cord and reclaimed beads. New wire. Choker length 45cm. AU$27.00
Adelia Phoenix Glass Pendant
Adelia Phoenix Glass Pendant, made from a chip of rippled iridescent glass, with repurposed beads and goldtone wire, with a reclaimed goldtone chain. Pendant 8cm long, chain 43cm. AU$27.00
Hawkseye Pendant
Copper orb with gorgeous variegated glass and copper pendant, black leather cord included. This style looks best worn hanging below the throat, above the d├ęcolletage. Pendant measures 8cm diameter. All reclaimed materials except for copper wire. AU$27.00
Lindsay Phoenix Glass Pendant
Lindsay Pendant features a crystallised pink shard of Phoenix glass, wrapped in copper wire and secured to a copper hoop (7cm diameter) with a repurposed faux-mica bead. Adjustable dark grey leather cord. AU$27.00
Sarai Apatite Healing Pendant
Repurposed copper wire frame holds this teardrop shaped piece of apatite gem; helpful for communication, metabolic alignment (sorts out hunger from other kinds of eating) and creative energy. Repurposed choker. AU$27.00
Motee Kee Man Pendant
Motee kee maan is "mother of pearl" in Hindi, and this pendant features a two-sided elephant pendant with chips of mother of pearl on one side, and goldtone on the other. Slight damage to the trunk on the mother of pearl side. This lovely pendant includes an assortment of found and reclaimed beads and baubles, wired to a goldtone metal ring, with some age wear. Looks and wears just beautifully. Pendant 14cm long, black suede cord 69cm. AU$27.00
Aegean Sea Pendant
Named for the beautiful sea of all colours blue and great, this piece features beach-native seaglass, reclaimed beads, semi-precious stones and repurposed beads and findings, attached to a an aged copper orb and strung on tan suede cord. Pendant 20cm long, cord 68cm. AU$47.00
Themis Seaglass Pendant
Themis is a Greek goddess, the daughter of Gaia, mother of the three fates, giver of dreams, and bestower of oracles. This pendant named for her featured a large arrowhead shaped rondure of emerald beach-native seaglass. The pendant is strung with an OM symbol Talisman, OM being a sacred sound and universal symbol for peace and unity. The pendant alone is 17cm long, the chain 68cm. AU$47.00
Nanshe Seaglass Talisman Pendant
Nanshe is a Babylonian goddess, an interpreter of dreams and prophesies, also the goddess of water and fertility. This talisman features a large rondure of beach-native seaglass, situated below an evil-eye bead-token for protection. Seaglass symbolises fragility with endurance. Pendant is 19cm long, and includes 60cm reclaimed Indian silver chain. AU$77.00
Japanese Print Block Pendant "Clean"
Necklace created from reclaimed Japanese print block, 1" square, still stained with indigo ink. Character reads "clean". Tan faux suede adjustable cord. AU$27.00
Saamanjasy Guardian Pendant
Chiastolite is a gem of protection, used in ancient times to transmute curses and promote peace and harmony. The word "saamanjasy" is Hindi for harmony. Chiastolite features a unique cross marking across its breadth. This piece is nestled in beach shell, and hangs below a cluster of turquentine chips, and shouldered with a piece of beach native driftwood. Chain is 70cm long, pendant 13cm long. AU$47.00