24 Jul

Prayer Flags

I’ve been wanting to create some Prayer Flags for a while now. Prayer Flags are something I’ve owned for years. A hippy mainstay, what dreadlocked boho goddess doesn’t fly a string of prayer flags in her house or garden?

Traditionally, Tibetan prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. The idea that prayer flags somehow carry prayers to God on the wait or wind is a misconception. Prayer Flags are really better described as affirmation banners – their message is meant to permeate the space they are hung in or around, bringing benefits not just to the owner, but to anyone who comes into that space.

My Prayer Flags are created with words of affirmation I find partilarly powerful or meaningful. I am guided by the piece as I work on it with the word in mind, and ask it to tell me what it wants to look like! I am always guided to the finished result. It’s a joy working on them!

My favourite piece has been the “breathe” flag I made for my friend Zoe from 4ever Fitness and Health in Inverell for her studio. As we discussed colours and design, I had ideas of bright blues and greens, and maybe even a mandala design. However, as I started working on it, the piece began to tell me very firmly exactly what it wanted! I’ve never felt so strongly directed by inspiration to make a custom piece a certain way. Thankfully, Zoe loves it, and I do too 🙂

I’ve uploaded five new Prayer Banners to my Etsy store today, and they’ll be appearing also at Markets At The Fair at Erina Fair this Sunday the 30th of July, if not sold beforehand.

Please contact me if you’d like a custom Prayer Flag for your home, studio, or as a gift.


JO 🙂

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