06 Feb

Don’t You Dare Say Sorry

I caught myself earlier today, about to apologise to someone who asked me if I would discount one of my pieces by almost half to match her offer.

I thought to myself, why do I need to say sorry?

There was also no need to be impolite, so I carefully worded a brief response.

If I were to accept her lower offer, I basically cut in half my compensation for the time and creativity I put into the piece. The price was set after careful consideration of the hours I spent making it, and the materials. Those materials didn’t drop out of the air – I spend hours every day sourcing fabrics and other pieces.

I feel our widespread attitude of cheap, fast fashion made by low paid workers, flooding the market with mass produced, low quality clothing is behind this. We don’t have any value for the time spent making the products we consume any more.

I value my time. I value my talent. I value the creativity I’ve spent years honing, and give hours of in my studio. I won’t apologise for asking an appropriate compensation for that. And if you’re a maker, neither should you.

Save your sorry for when you make a mistake or commit a wrong against someone. Don’t you dare give it when someone questions what your gifts, talents and time are worth. Asking to be compensated for being brilliantly yourself is not grounds for an apology.

Jo xx

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