31 Jan

Do You Love Your Micro-Business?

Oh look. Yet another self-meme with a smiling face appealing to your nagging doubts about whether your small business is the best it can be. I bet she’s rich as f__k, skinny as hell and spends eleven months of the year running her empire from a laptop while she reclines beside a pool in her villa in Bali?
Er, no.
I am not rich or skinny, and I’ve never been to Bali. Running my business from my laptop sounds about as boring as batsh$t.
I get out of bed every morning and it’s all I can do to remember to eat breakfast and shower so I can get to my business and start doing what I love.
I don’t even wear makeup because I don’t see the point – my pleasure and satisfaction at being able to be where I love doing what I’m passionate about makes me feel on the inside what makeup can only try to achieve on my outside.
It’s just a little shop in a little suburb of one place on a map most people have never heard of. I spend all day either sewing, or making jewelry, or writing, or keeping my little space enjoyable and tranquil for the people who come through my door.
And I am, in all the ways that matter, happy. Truly happy.
Money challenges will always be there, because no matter how much we have, it brings a set of problems as well as solutions. Things get me down, as unexpected factors and unpredictable people bring me new challenges. But I would not have it any other way.
Being happy is the point. I promise you this. Not money, not success. Both of these are alleged paths to what we really crave. Joy. Bliss. A sense of pride and ownership over our lives and achievements. Bringing others joy through giving of our gifts, talent and skills. Money, the villa in Bali, the admiration of your peers and the perks are really just sidelines to what is really, in the end, going to make it all worthwhile.
You knowing how to be happy, where you are, doing what you know and love, with what you have, making your corner of the world and the lives of people in it a little better.
If learning how by understanding your why sounds better than signing up to your twenty-hundredth six-step online program to six figures, let’s talk.


30 Jan

It’s Okay To Not Be Brave Today.

Hey there, I know you’ve been struggling in this rough patch right now. I know the thing that happened was horrible and unfair, and you’re not done dealing with it, not by a long shot. I want to give you the only thing I can think of that might help – permission to not be brave today.

Feel your feelings. Say your words. Everything is going to be okay. Not today. But it will be again. No need to prove you’re tough or be stoic so others don’t feel uncomfortable. It okay to not be brave today. xxx