About Me

Hi, I’m Jo Hilder, and welcome to Sister Jo Bangles!

Sister Jo Bangles is my creative baby, my passion, and my way of sharing colour, courage and confidence with beautiful, brave women from every walk of life…those of us who know what we like, do what we like and wear what we like!

I’ve been involved in creative arts since the 1980’s, studying, teaching and working across many spheres including drama and acting, singing and songwriting, art design and advertising media production, web design and blogging, screenprinting, clip art and stamp block design, leadlighting, fabric art design and quilting, painting and drawing, sculpture, clothing design and upcycling and jewelry making.

I’m also a writer and published author, having blogged for many years and written for various online journals. I’ve authored several books, most recently Small and Pure – A Cautionary Tale, released in June 2016 by Rhiza Press.  I’ve also written and spoken widely on my experiences living with cancer, mental illness, depression and bipolar disorder. My books are available in e-book form here.

I’m a qualified and experienced support group facilitator and community advocate,  having held various roles with the NSW Cancer Council including Programs Coordinator and Relationship Manager. A trained Chaplain, I spent many years in various roles in local church congregations in pastoral care, music and creative ministry.

I’ve also worked in the area of community mental health as a support worker and case manager, serving the needs of clients with schizophrenia and other chronic mental health challenges. I’m especially interested in integrating creativity and art-making with the recovery process, as I live with my own mental health challenges and diagnosis of bipolar disorder and depression/anxiety.

Sister Jo Bangles has a permanent home at Shop 9B Green Point Shopping Centre, Green Point, NSW 2251.

To read more about me and how Sister Jo Bangles was born, please click here.