02 Feb

The Literal and Digraceful Fallout Of The Marie Kondo Movement

This is a pic taken at my local favorite op shop yesterday morning. This has been a major issue for a while – the dump and run philosophy of middle class Australians to dealing with their excess household goods – but the escalation being seen can surely be linked to the Kondo craze sweeping Australia. I checked out this particular pile of refuse and it was broken toys, dirty clothing, and other unsaleable rubbish. If any of it was useful when it was dumped, exposure to the elements rendered it useless. This will all go in the rubbish. Maybe that’s where it belonged in the first place. I’m not drawing a direct correlation between this filthy act and the Kondo movement, however, I believe most people who decide to simplify and get rid of that which does not “spark joy” don’t give enough thought to where those objects will go or what good they might do if thoughtfully directed. The “out of sight, out of mind” mentality which leads people to behave like this is not sustainable, and is actually not legal either. NOTHING IS DISPOSABLE. And op shops are not receptacles for abandoned household goods, particularly those which are dirty, broken or useless.

THE CORRECT WAY TO DONATE YOUR GOODS IS TO SORT OUT THE RUBBISH AND DISPOSE OF IT PROPERLY. Then, wash and pack the suitable items, then bring to the charity during business hours. Preferably, hand the goods personally to a human being so you have to look them in the eye and hold your head up knowing you’ve done the right thing by donating appropriate goods in clean, suitable condition.

If you feel the compulsion to dump and run, you bloody well know you did the wrong thing way before you ever opened your car boot and threw that rubbish at the charity door.

Kondo your damn brains out for all I care – but make sure you’re paying some mind to where your unwanted and unneeded goods will go, and in what condition. Charities have enough to deal with. They’re meant to be supporting the less fortunate in society, not cleaning up after those of us who have more than enough.

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